Monday brought us back into Sleeper's Tomb yet again for primals and more failed attempts to collect 900 items for an obnoxious collection quest. Whoever's Idea it was to make a quest where you collect every item that drops in the zone, I applaud you.

On the obtainable side, more primals and dragon loots were handed out. Overall great times and good fun.

Congrats to Divinitas on conquering the two hardest bosses in Velious ( honorable mention Lady Nevederia ? )

The Avatar of War and Vulak'Aerr have been defeated. I can't say they dropped the best loot, because you know.. Vehk said something - but we can add these incredible bosses to our farm list for the rest of the expansion! hurrah!

Dragonpalooza raid update

Kelven posted Nov 26, 17

We have been truckin along over these past weeks, doing as much ToV, Kael, and ST as we can manage.  

Lots and LOTS of things have been forced to hand over their precious loot.  Word has it Dozekar even drops more then 3 tears sometimes.

There are certainly enough things to kill lately.. sheesh

So there we were, farming West ToV, minding our own business, when our old friend Telkorenar spawned and we decided it would be a good idea to kill him.

And we did.

I wanted a pretty picture to post for our front page, but the last item was looted off the corpse so the only one to show was the one Dazzi took, with poor Iitsey sitting in the corner.

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

This is our first of many West ToV named to kill, so there will be more formal photos in the future! Congrats to Valoran and Shaerezilla on their paladin and shadowknight weapons!

Welcome to Velious

Kelven posted Nov 9, 17

First day of Velious is here, finally.  Who knew seeing kunark again for anything longer then 3 days would be such a downer?  At least now we can say goodbye to everything but Phara Dar

Day 1 we killed quite a few giants, dragons, and somehow managed to get AoW to 40 something percent.  Not too bad.

( Not pictured - Tormax )  because he fell face first through a wall, and the picture of his toes wasn't all that exciting. 

Congrats on the great kills everyone!

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