Veeshan's Peak Clear !

Kelven posted Oct 30, 17

Just in time for Velious!    Congrats Divinitas(ity)!

Also Congrats to everyone.. on way too many items to list here.  woooot!

After many weeks waiting in long lines, racing hoards of boxed bards, and spending hours staring at our own laps, we finally managed to get enough people keyed for veeshan's peak to take down some dragons.

Silverwing and Phara dar met their end earlier this week and dropped some nice items to boot. Hurray for visiting VP while it's actually in-era !

Drakakade - Robe of the Azure Sky
Vehk - Shield of Elders
Spryler - Claw of Phara Dar

Silverwing dropped some things too, but they were all pretty terrible.

Recruitment IS open!

Jeisenne a posted Oct 10, 17  -  recruitment

As seen on Reddit's /r/Agnarr community, because if you see it on Reddit, you know it's for real!


Thanks to /u/jenisyde for the kind words :)

More Dragons slain

Kelven posted Oct 2, 17

More fun raids this week.  Taking out Talendor, Venril Sathir, and a quick run through Sky !

Items of awesomeness were as follows -

Cobalt Greaves
Ancient Shissar Gauntlet
McVaxius` Horn of War
Selo`s Drums of the March
Gauntlets of Fiery Might
Red Dragon Scales
Golden Efreeti Bracers
Sphinxian Circlet
Fine Wool Cloak
Jester's Mask
Cracked Leather Eyepatch
Fine Velvet Cloak
Dove Slippers
Efreeti War Bow
Symbol of Marr
Silver Hoop
Efreeti Battle Axe
Efreeti Long Sword
Efreeti War Staff
Ebon Shard

Grats everyone who received cool things !

Drakakade a WOOT <3 Kelven

We haven't gone away!

Kelven posted Sep 30, 17

Kunark has been treating us well. Lots of dragons have been slain, lots of epics have been completed, and lots of annoying camps have been conquered. ( I'm looking at you swamp of no hope ).

This week we took a short stroll through some old and newer dragons collecting what we could.

Sev, Trak down, normal raid schedule to continue next week. Possibly VP as well!

Naggy x2 Vox x2 (not pictured) - Splinter raid lootfest

Blood Ember Brestplate
Shield of the Green Dragon
Green Dragon Scales
Runed Bolster Belt x2
Orb of Tishan :(
Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
Selo`s Drums of the March x2
Hierophant`s Crook x2 ..bleh
Prayers of Life x2
Selo`s Drums of the March
Torn, Burnt Book x2
Gold Plated Koshigatana
Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
Treasure Hunter's Satchel
Runed Bolster Belt x2
McVaxius` Horn of War x2
Torn, Frost-covered book xtoo many
White Dragon Scales
Blight, Hammer of the Scourge
Dragon Bone Bracelet

Drakakade a Kelven's back!
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