Time Keeps on Slipping

Oceanlab posted Aug 9, 18

Still playing around in Time,  showing these Norrath gods who's boss !

spryler The bags in the top picture were laid down by some Europa Agnarr folks. Thanks you guys, was super cool!

Epic WIN

Oceanlab posted Jun 20, 18

Congrats Divinity on vanquishing the last boss in Planes of Power!


Vehk a posted Jun 15, 18

Drakakade a WOOT!! Grats Divinity on a sweep of Time and PoP :) Some really tough fights that got us all working strategy and pull...


Oceanlab posted Jun 7, 18

So we finally did it. We're TIME flagged... o m g

Some more text and words may be added to this post at a later.... time. 

Moose I'm noticing a theme.

Talk about trucking through some content with serious speed. Last week we managed to get a good majority of the guild PoF flagged. I'd say keeping your flags in order is a harder boss mob then what has stood in front of us so far.

This is also a picture of Sol ro, I promise

In other news. Jerviss is in touch with his feminine side

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