Epic WIN

Oceanlab posted Jun 20, 18

Congrats Divinity on vanquishing the last boss in Planes of Power!


Vehk a posted Jun 15, 18

Drakakade a WOOT!! Grats Divinity on a sweep of Time and PoP :) Some really tough fights that got us all working strategy and pull...


Oceanlab posted Jun 7, 18

So we finally did it. We're TIME flagged... o m g

Some more text and words may be added to this post at a later.... time. 

Moose I'm noticing a theme.

Talk about trucking through some content with serious speed. Last week we managed to get a good majority of the guild PoF flagged. I'd say keeping your flags in order is a harder boss mob then what has stood in front of us so far.

This is also a picture of Sol ro, I promise

In other news. Jerviss is in touch with his feminine side

More deaded bosses and gods

The expansion we've all been waiting for is here. Finally Divinity will get their chance to ascend through the realms of the pantheon, challenging the gods themselves and emerging victorious!

Its been a fun first week and a half, and progression is moving right along.
We might not be killing anglerfish and spamming the server every 7 minutes with silly emotes, but we're holding our own!

Rallos Zek, The Warlord, the tall dark and handsome god of war. Really fun event running
all over Tactics chasing down his sons Tallon and Vallon, followed by the encounter with Rallos himself.
In true Divinity fashion we yolo lagged Vumra into the pit and just ran with it. Thanks old laptops!

Mithaniel Marr. The lord of valor, father of paladins, and quite a beast honestly.
Athough like all paladins, they cannot tank and he was quickly dispatched by Divinity

Other gods. Other names, also very fun encounters!

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