Time Keeps on Slipping

Oceanlab posted Aug 9, 18

Still playing around in Time,  showing these Norrath gods who's boss !

Epic WIN

Oceanlab posted Jun 20, 18

Congrats Divinity on vanquishing the last boss in Planes of Power!


Vehk a posted Jun 15, 18

Drakakade a WOOT!! Grats Divinity on a sweep of Time and PoP :) Some really tough fights that got us all working strategy and pull...


Oceanlab posted Jun 7, 18

So we finally did it. We're TIME flagged... o m g

Some more text and words may be added to this post at a later.... time. 

Moose I'm noticing a theme.

Talk about trucking through some content with serious speed. Last week we managed to get a good majority of the guild PoF flagged. I'd say keeping your flags in order is a harder boss mob then what has stood in front of us so far.

This is also a picture of Sol ro, I promise

In other news. Jerviss is in touch with his feminine side

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