Talk about trucking through some content with serious speed. Last week we managed to get a good majority of the guild PoF flagged. I'd say keeping your flags in order is a harder boss mob then what has stood in front of us so far.

This is also a picture of Sol ro, I promise

In other news. Jerviss is in touch with his feminine side

More deaded bosses and gods

The expansion we've all been waiting for is here. Finally Divinity will get their chance to ascend through the realms of the pantheon, challenging the gods themselves and emerging victorious!

Its been a fun first week and a half, and progression is moving right along.
We might not be killing anglerfish and spamming the server every 7 minutes with silly emotes, but we're holding our own!

Rallos Zek, The Warlord, the tall dark and handsome god of war. Really fun event running
all over Tactics chasing down his sons Tallon and Vallon, followed by the encounter with Rallos himself.
In true Divinity fashion we yolo lagged Vumra into the pit and just ran with it. Thanks old laptops!

Mithaniel Marr. The lord of valor, father of paladins, and quite a beast honestly.
Athough like all paladins, they cannot tank and he was quickly dispatched by Divinity

Other gods. Other names, also very fun encounters!

Who needs the entire 6 hours to clear Vex thal?  Certainly not us!

This past weekend we made it into VT for the first time to explore, kill bosses, and collect some pretty amazing items.   Lots of ridiculously named 4 armed weirdos and blobs of dirty goo were vanquished and will remain on farm-mode until we get tired of it.   

Some boss pictures may be missing.  I honestly got tired of taking screenshots of clone_boss_00321

So we're a few weeks into Luclin now. and boy, I forgot how deep this expansion was early on. VT key farming, Bane weapons, Emporer keys,  AA's you name it - there's a ton to do!

If you don't twitch a little bit just about every time a staff icon pops into your loot window, then I envy you.. truely...

We've had some great fun killing lots of different types of raid encounters so far. Small bosses, big bosses, some as big as your head. Its been all around good fun and I would rate it A+ on ebay if i was allowed to

Here's a small sample of the stuff we've gotten to see so far.

Plane of growth is also a great place to hang out in

Drakakade ao WOOT! PoG still a beast :)

Monday brought us back into Sleeper's Tomb yet again for primals and more failed attempts to collect 900 items for an obnoxious collection quest. Whoever's Idea it was to make a quest where you collect every item that drops in the zone, I applaud you.

On the obtainable side, more primals and dragon loots were handed out. Overall great times and good fun.

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