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Many years ago Divinity was founded by a close family of old friends and fellow like minded players looking for a place on the project 1999 server that they could call home. As stated by one of the original leaders of the guild, “Divinity prides itself as a guild which fosters a positive playing environment on Project 1999. As a guild, we seek to provide a haven for our members from the negative actions found elsewhere on the server and on the P1999 boards which we feel only dampens the enjoyment of Everquest.” While this statement is specific to our roots as a guild on p99, it is the backbone upon which we have built our community. The Divinity Gaming Community is a very special home to gamers that are more about the the people involved in the guild than about the pixels themselves. We are a tight knit family friendly community that enjoys working together and taking on challenging content/games in a fun, cooperative, drama free way. Ultimately, no matter what game we are playing we are more focused on the person behind the computer and strive to create an phenomenal gaming experience for all our members.


The Divinity Gaming Community has been established for the better part of a decade. We have members from all over the world. No matter what platform we are playing on we prize our reputation greatly. We expect our members to conduct themselves in a positive, professional attitude at all times and look down on rants, flames, griefing, foul play and poor behavior.


Currently our main platform is the Agnarr live Everquest server. We are closely monitoring the development of Pantheon as a possible future home, but right now we are having a ball on Agnarr and plan to for the foreseeable future. We are a casual DKP raiding guild. When it comes to raiding, we also know that real life comes first, so while raid attendance is  encouraged, it is not required.


***Recruitment on Agnarr has officially been reopened! We are at a very comfortable number of active players, but we are looking ahead towards Velious and want to make sure we keep our ranks filled with great people. Please keep in mind that depending on the volume of applicants there might be a small waiting period. Please drop an application on our forums and ask any player to direct you to an officer if you have questions. We look forward to getting to know you! ***

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Feel free to contact a Divinity officer in game. Most of them don't bite.

Jeisenne (Recruitment, Zombie Girl --- sometimes bites)

You can also send a /tell to any Divinity member and ask to speak to an officer, since sometimes the officers are having fun on their alts.
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